Proprioreceptive Tape

It really does work!

Different from the tape athletic trainers and physiotherapists use, Kinesiotex tape (Roc Tape; KT Tape; SpiderTec Tape; Cure Tape; etc.) is unique. It has a special weave and tension that assists with pain relief, swelling, and retraining muscles.

Sprains, strains, bruising, and swelling all heal faster when the KinesioTex tape is worn.

The tape is 100% cotton, uses an acrylic adhesive (not latex!), and is water-resistant. It usually lasts on the body anywhere from 3-5 days, depending on how much oil is in your skin. Removal of the tape is as simple as soaking it with oil and slowly peeling it off your skin.

Please contact Cynthia for a consult to see if Kinesiotex tape will help you with your recovery.

Here is a link to the British Medical Journal article commenting on the superior pain relief Kinesiotex tape provides.

Olympic athlete from Germany, Katrin Koltwick, wearing KinesioTex tape while practicing for the Beach Volleyball event. Photo was taken July 26, 2012. Photo courtesy

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