Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during a massage treatment?

Professional care, respect for your privacy, and modesty and advice on how to address your problem with massage therapy.

Hand to skin contact is the most effective manner to provide massage therapy. Some removal of your clothing will be required. Your body will be completely covered with a warm sheet and Cynthia will only undrape the part of your body being treated at the time.

Is massage therapy painful?

Cynthia is very careful not to cause you pain. She believes there is a difference in how to address the human body. One can either "knock on the door" or "kick the door down". Cynthia's style of massage therapy involves "knocking on the door". Letting her know when something hurts is a rule in Cynthia's clinic.

Can massage therapy 'fix' my problem?

Frankly, there is no such thing as a quick fix with the human body. Healing and repair take time! The amount of time required for healing depends on the problem, your state of health, and your ability to help yourself.

Many problems Cynthia sees are the result of poor ergonomics, unrecognized bad habits or emotional stress. Identifying the cause of your problem is the key to successful treatment. Being actively involved with your treatment speeds up the process of healing.

Unfortunately in our electronic-driven world, speed is king. Massage therapy is an excellent method to disengage from this race and allow yourself time to repair and relax.

What is a maintenance massage?

Maintenance massage is used in many situations. For folks living with chronic illness, regular massage helps with the management of their health. For people recovering from physical or emotional trauma, regular massage facilitates healing. For those in good health, regular massage helps maintain good health. In short, massage therapy is a lovely thing to do for yourself.

How long of treatment should I book?

Your first treatment with Cynthia should be for one hour.

There are lots to do in one hour! There is time to complete the required forms, get a health history, assess and treat the problem, and compose a treatment plan. Usually, there will be 'homework' or self-care for you to do between treatments.

Subsequent treatment lengths depend on the type of problem being treated and your success with your 'homework'.

You are worth taking 60 minutes out of your day to make time for yourself!

Longer treatment times can be pre-arranged.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

YES! Due to the nature of the therapist-client relationship, all personal information is not shared unless the client gives the approval to share certain details. Information like name, address, and other contact information will never be shared or sold to others, whether part of a client file or email newsletters.

In the case of SGI or WCB claims, some information is transmitted in required progress/treatment reports. SGI and WCB require this information to act on your behalf.

Is a doctor's referral necessary?

The short answer is 'no'. Saskatchewan Health does not pay for massage therapy treatment.

The long answer is 'maybe'. Some, but not all, insurance companies require a doctor's referral for massage therapy. With a written referral, the insurance company will accept your treatment receipt as an eligible health expense.

If you do have a doctor's referral, Cynthia would like to read it to plan your treatment for what your doctor has diagnosed.